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KBH Innovation AG

Rütistrasse 1,
5400 Baden
Schweiz - Suisse Swizzera

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KBH Innovation AG is a Swiss engineering and production company


We offer high-performance technical solution dedicated to security, risk prevention, improvement of working conditions and efficiency optimization. They are adapted to the real needs of industrial companies specifically in:

  • the civil nuclear industry - CNPE, INB, research center, decommissioning, ...,
  • heavy industry - construction of special machines, maintenance of equipment on site, the "oil & gas" sector ...,
  • aerospace, aeronautics, railways ...
  • prevention in the health, sanitary and pharma industry sectors ...
  • construction, carrying out special works, asbestos removal, lead sealing ...


Useful and efficient industrial innovations

Designed in Switzerland - Made in France


KBH Innovation offers an engineering service which fits to the specific needs of exigent industrial companies.


Some examples of specific productions:

  • Transfer and storage slipcovers for nuclear industry
  • Security packs developed for the bank’s agencies
  • Slipcovers for the protection of cultural masterpieces,
  • Building facilities for the pharmaceutical industry,
  • Temporary and permanent storage for aeronautics industry,
  • FME / FOD zone devices dedicated to the nuclear, aeronautic and oil industries,
  • Safety airlocks and secured working areas,...


Our research department is at your service; we focus on your needs and offer you the best tailored solutions.

Our expertise and our network enable us to support you in :

• Industrial improvements and industrial performance
• Environmental protection: prevention of pollution and protection of the environment
• Safety: detection system, local protections
• Professional hazard: noise, vibrations, dust, radiation, strenuousness
• Fire safety: cantonment, prevention, protection systems for goods, building and last but not least people.


High tech membranes : We have developed a innovative range of products based on great know how about membranes production.

With more than 70 different membranes, we can propose the best solution to our clients. Our membranes are Made in France or Made in Switzerland with a high level of performance.

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